iTero Dental Impressions

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iTero Dental Impressions

This scanner is quick and produces clearer images. Since this technology takes a 3D view of your mouth, it helps to create a complete dental map that helps our dentist make a diagnosis and analyze the cause of any problem you may have.

The advantages of iTero Dental Impressions include:

●      Highly accurate, comfortable and time-saving procedure for creating dental impressions

●      A non-invasive treatment that captures around 100,000 laser points with great accuracy and perfect focus for precise dental imaging

●      Eliminates the problems of swallowing or gagging on excessive impression gel

●      Provides an improved, detailed digital map of the mouth, helping in the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems

iTero Dental Impressions is a flexible procedure that can be used for braces, fillings, implants, dental crowns and more.